Saturday, February 18, 2012


Some thoughts on my next project, an exhibit being put together by Adria Sutter.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

True crime

I'm a criminal. Not only has it been over a month since I posted, I'm also giving you an awful photo:
panthera leo (cowardly lion)
Consider it Exhibit A, an alibi. This piece is up right now in the annual Illustration Department Theme show at 301 Gallery, so you can take better look at it. When the show comes down, I'll also scan it in.

Speaking of Illustration Departments, I haven't yet mentioned that I am the new caretaker of the Wunderkammer, Montserrat College of Art's Natural Science collection. I'm trying to do right by my mentor, Elissa Della-Piana, and really cultivate a useful teaching library. In my cataloging I've found some really interesting items:
  • An articulated human foot
  • A taxidermy head of Paradisaea apoda, the Greater bird-of-paradise
  • A fawn's skull
  • A human sternum in a velvet-lined box
Also, in my personal natural science collection, I recently discovered this:

I found it on Block Island in 2008, but misidentified it as some sort of shell. Turns out, it's the tympanic bone from Physeter macrocephalus, the Sperm whale.

Anyway, more soon! I'm involved with a new project that I'll fill you in on soon. I'll just say that it involves pig intestines and masks.

xoxo Chelsea