Sunday, December 26, 2010

#3 & #4

Hello again,

I've been working a little more on the Necropsy series; I'm not sure it's entirely in the right direction, so I'm anxious to hear any opinions. Take a look after the break (no gore, but some viewers may not be comfortable with the subject matter.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#2 in the Necropsy series

Hi there,

Again, the imagery I am using may disturb you, dear viewer. It's a bunny this time; nothing terribly compromising in the image, just the subject matter.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The cardinal commission

A little ditty commissioned for a Christmas present.
See you soon,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Viewer discretion is advised

Dear viewer,

I trust that you are mature enough to make your own decisions. I am employing imagery in my new series of works that some people may find disturbing. I understand if you don't want to continue. If you do, you can view it after the break:

Friday, December 10, 2010

To tide you over

Until the next time I can put up some serious work, here's some festive cuteness:
Yes, it's South American mammals wearing scarves! Starting at the top left and moving clockwise: tamandua, tapir, coati, guanaco, ocelot, three-banded armadillo, and the Patagonian mara. Nothing looks finer on a Christmas tree than a fleet of scarf-swaddled-geographically-accurate mammals, which is exactly why I made them into ornaments.

Hope you are staying warm out there,

Badly photographed work from this summer

Hi there.

It's been a while, I know. I've been busy! What with Christmas shopping and crafting for the holidays, not to mention imbuing Montserrat's next generation with my inestimable knowledge, I've been doing a bad job finding the time to update this. But don't fret. I'm fixing it now.
 arctictus binturong (emily)
galidictis grandidieri (self portrait)

These were pieces displayed in the show "Of nightmares" I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm also still working on that etching I keep tantalizing you with after a failed aquatint. Oh, well. At any rate, I'm working on a few projects and expect to have more work up soon.
 xoxo Chelsea

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skull relapse

I've been thinking about skulls again. I know, I thought I was over it too.

From my sketchbook, please pardon the fold. Mammal skulls are endlessly fascinating to me, especially the skulls of mustelids. Weasels, minks, otters, skunks! This one is Lutra canadensis.

I've also been thinking about knots. This little experiment is a sketch of the best Christmas present I've ever gotten: a cast replica of a pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) skull. And nestling around it, an imaginary square knot situation.

I also did a proof of that etching I was talking about. More on that soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bad, bad, bad.

Dear reader,

It's been a while since last we met. But I do have things to share with you.

Way back in April, I participated in a lovely exercise conceived and executed by Eben Archer Kling, Katherine Romansky, and Adam Kology: & In One Another. True to form, I completed roughly half of the assignments and was late turning it in. Pictured above is one of those assignments, Cat Man Staring.

Then, in June I was asked to participate in a show curated by Setheyny Pen (center): Of Nightmares at 119 Gallery in Lowell. Artists, left to right: Bill McCann, Dug North, Adria Sutter, Lillian Harden, myself and Jeffrey Havens. It was a great experience, and I have several new pieces to scan in and share with you (soon).

Finally, I'll leave you with a promise of new work on the way. I'm working on an excited etching, sneak preview above. As a goodwill gesture, I've even updated my banner. While I can't promise you I have left my woeful updating practices behind, I've got a feeling we will be seeing more of each other soon.

Oodles and oodles,