Sunday, December 26, 2010

#3 & #4

Hello again,

I've been working a little more on the Necropsy series; I'm not sure it's entirely in the right direction, so I'm anxious to hear any opinions. Take a look after the break (no gore, but some viewers may not be comfortable with the subject matter.)

scoliosis (do people know? can they tell?)

Completed a few days ago. I'm aiming for a sense of inertia here, but I'm not sold on the ribbons as compositional stabilizers. So I regressed to straight here:

feather tumor (i want too much.)

Again, I'm not completely satisfied. I may even revisit these two later. I've got more coming, once I'm done braving the blizzard.

Hope you are safe and warm out there,

1 comment:

Bea Modisett said...

Oh man I love the second one. The straight ribbon is really nice with the shape of the bird. I couldn't tell the first one was scoliosis, I just thought it was a wobbly creature. Second one though = just right.