Thursday, December 29, 2011


More later. Writing essays. Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

small works

Hi friends.

Here's a couple of little pieces I put together for Porter Mill's first annual juried small works exhibition. Deadline's today, but if you have small works, you should submit! If your work sells you will receive 100% of the proceeds, which is stellar.

elephas maximus

phacochoerus africanus
I ran into both of these creatures on my recent Texas trip. Also, this guy:

Stay classy,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

microtus pinetorum

Hi again,

Some quick updates:

"The Beauty in the Beast: the Animal as Muse" is a show going up at Gallery Della-Piana (including the piece above by yours truly). The deadline for work has been extended to Saturday, so you should apply! If your work involves animals.

Also, good news! I am joining a group of artists to create a studio space in town. I'm looking forward to not having the cat and bunny distract me! (And also having the opportunity to work with such talented people.)

And Saturday I'll be traveling to Texas to take a look at a grad school. Last time I was there, I met this guy:
The Eastern Hognose Snake is a friendly little fellow, but if you bother him, he'll play dead and puke blood.
But Chris is coming with me and doesn't approve of snakes, so I can't keep such company this time. 

So, on to some work. Not sure about this little guy... this one has viscera involved, so if you choose, see more after the break.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

capreolus capreolus

Hi friends.

I finished this a couple of weeks ago, I'm sorry it took so long to post. However, as a bonus, I've included these process shots so you can get a look at how it was made.

hyperplasia (too big for your britches)

Friday, September 23, 2011

lynx rufus

gross trauma (blindsided)
DONE. Well, maybe. Maybe I'll add vellum ribbons coming from the paw, I don't know yet. I really like the separation there, and what it does for the composition. WE'LL SEE.

Speaking of seeing, I'm working on a potential exhibition right now with the fabulous Studios at Porter Mill! They are having their grand opening tomorrow from 2-8pm; some of my good friends from the sidebar have studios there, and they'll be open for prying eyes to see! Me and my eyes will be there, and I hope you can make it, too.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Patient blog-followers,

The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity! July is always a wash; I co-direct a pre-college program for high school students, which, as you can imagine, takes up much of my time. But usually August affords me some time to catch up. Not so this year! I traveled extensively, from Nantucket to Maine to Texas and back home again, a new destination each week. If you would like a peek at what I was up to in Maine, take a look at my friend Julie's blog, Orchid Grey. 

However! I have not been shirking my responsibilities, artistically speaking. Normally I feel a little shy about posting sketches, but after last year's fantastic Drawing Everyday exhibition at Montserrat, I see the benefit of sharing a sketchbook.

The sketchbook I'm sharing today is from my time in Texas in late August. I was interested in all the roadside signs along the highway, mainly because there's not much else along the highway:

 On the second page above, you can see the real object of my sketchbook: drawing animals from life. I was lucky enough to make it to two excellent zoological gardens while in Texas, the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, and the Dallas World Aquarium (one of my favorite places).  Below are some sketches of the animals I encountered:
The shoebill stork from above had a seat, and a little blue penguin.
Piranha! Also bottlenose dolphin. They were FAST
Japanese spidercrab, and a jaguar resting its head in its paws.
A jackass penguin's...back.
I do as much drawing from life as I can when presented with an opportunity like this; drawing from life lends an understanding of the underlying structure for me, and probably for you, too!

Goodnight and good luck,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

& In One Another


As usual, I apologize for the infrequency of my posts. Now, here's the stuff I've been doing for & In One Another! By the by, if you want to see the other bad ideas I committed to paper, as well as some really GOOD work, you should come to the opening of the show this Friday.

#16 - MY FANCY
#18 - GAZEBO
#27 - FRESH

Good night!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi friends. I've got a lot to share today.

First off, here's a new work in progress:

Many more hours of fun still to go! This stag had a disorder that caused his velvet-covered antlers to grow pendulous lumps. Looking forward to the tedious rendering ahead.

In a similar vein, here's a bunny skull, which incidentally is the type of skull on my new homepage.

Not quite finished! Sylvilagus floridanus
  Just brushing up on some observational drawing.

Next up, some work from the & In One Another project. My motto for this project is "bad ideas, hastily executed."

 Which started me on a tangent outside of the sketchbook:

Which turned out to be pretty creepy. So I marched on.

 I like to think of this guy as the rabbit version of Ziggy Stardust. Based on a very strange rabbit, Pentalagus furnessi.

 Take two.

There are many more terrible ideas I haven't shown you, but may someday. When you're older.

I believe there are 30 assignments total, so there will be many more appearing here soon. Doing really bad drawings based on worse ideas is...refreshing.

Finally, a special treat. I walked into my office last week to find this on my desk:

such tiny hands!
A stack of portraits (of me!) executed by Montserrat Illustration class of '08, as part of a group assignment. The one above is by far my favorite, done by Illustration Chair and Professor Fred Lynch. You should check out his teaching blog. Anyway, I couldn't keep a treasure like that to myself, so there you are.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's been a while!

I know. And I'm sorry.

The things I will share with you today will hopefully make up for my truancy. First thing:


Built from scratch! Satisfied?

No? Well how about this:

Assignment #4: A FAMOUS EXPERT

I'm participating in another brilliant venture by Now. For. Art., the Northampton-based brain trust. The project is the second run of & In One Another, a large scale sketchbook endeavor. Every other day, an assignment is posted; at the end of 60 days, the sketch books are gathered in a public exhibition. It's a wonderful exercise, so if you missed out on the sign-up, you should just follow along in your own sketchbook! I'll be posting more and worse takes on these assignments as time goes on.

 Finally, a reminder that this weekend is Montserrat's annual art auction, which will feature yours truly in the live auction. If you've got some sweet, sweet moolah laying around, come out and support a worthy cause: reducing the debt of art students.

Alright, one more sketchbook assignment.

Assignment #1: THE RIDE IS HERE

With fond regards,