Thursday, November 3, 2011

microtus pinetorum

Hi again,

Some quick updates:

"The Beauty in the Beast: the Animal as Muse" is a show going up at Gallery Della-Piana (including the piece above by yours truly). The deadline for work has been extended to Saturday, so you should apply! If your work involves animals.

Also, good news! I am joining a group of artists to create a studio space in town. I'm looking forward to not having the cat and bunny distract me! (And also having the opportunity to work with such talented people.)

And Saturday I'll be traveling to Texas to take a look at a grad school. Last time I was there, I met this guy:
The Eastern Hognose Snake is a friendly little fellow, but if you bother him, he'll play dead and puke blood.
But Chris is coming with me and doesn't approve of snakes, so I can't keep such company this time. 

So, on to some work. Not sure about this little guy... this one has viscera involved, so if you choose, see more after the break.

hydatid cyst (thriller)

It's approximately life size, which for a vole is under 4 inches. I think the eye and teeth and claw make it a little too aggressive. What do you think?

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