Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi there.

I have some projects in the works; some projects that involve viruses and rabbits with horns. More on that later. Let's just say I've got two gnarly little bunny ears on my desk and they aren't from my sweet little Kingsley.

The project that I am referring to was made possible by a residency at the fabulous 17 Cox. I recently helped demolish a wall there!

That's me with the stylish boots! Photo by Lucas Spivey.

Which coincidentally, ties into the other thing I wanted to mention, ART'S NOT DEAD 2. Hosted by the aforementioned art facility, and put together by some really lovely people, it's going to be fun. Here's Finn with my submission:

The deadline is tomorrow, so there's still time to submit something. Also, be informed that 17 Cox is accepting donations of art texts; if you donate, they will memorialize you by adding your name to the name of the library. At least until it gets unwieldy, which is why I recommend you donate soon. It really is a delightful place.

Anyway, I hope you are keeping warm.


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